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Anonyme asked: this might sound a bit weird but, ehh do you mind telling us who Jungmo is and about the Heechul/Jungmo ship? it looked hot

Well okay so once upon a time veery long ago (like over 10 years long) there was a dude named Kim Heechul who upon his arrival as a trainee at SMent was greeted by a dude called Kim Jungmo. Kim Jungmo is basically a musical prodigy who is able to master any instrument he picks up and can play any song after only hearing it once.

They became eachother’s first SME BFFs (god knows how that even happened. We suspect Heechul gave Jungmo no choice in the matter). 

They bonded over their love for Rock music and dreamt of debuting together in a rock band. Well that didn’t happen since Heechul was put in Four Seasons and Jungmo got to debut as X-Mas with some other dudes in a band called TRAX (Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-Mas) (we know. It’s an awful name. Yes…those are their stage names.) 

TRAX was Lee Soo Man’s little Visual Kei baby that took basically 4 years to create (their stuff is actually good! especially their japanese stuff!). From some new info I got from K-Pop fandom veteran Anna, a large portion of Trax fans were actually old H.O.T fans who had been scouting around looking for a new group to stan and TRAX made that cut (wow dem internet forums way back in the early 2000’s). Rose and Attack(No Minwoo) left the group in ‘06-‘07 and TRAX became one of SME’s most favourite ignored children with only Jay and Jungmo remaining.

Jungmo and Heechul still remained close the whole time. Jungmo was often commented by people at the company on his “pretty girlfriend” (it was Heechul), they did ‘Band of Brothers' together with Jay and Kangin (or accurately should've been called “Super Nanny: Kim Jungmo”), where Heechul learnt how to play drums (something that was the source to many frustrations, thanks Jungmo). They’ve made out on stage too many times to count (Jungmo stating that it was all Heechul’s idea and whenever Jungmo refused to make out with him during rehearsals, Heenim got pissy so he just relented in the end), did a duet, Heechul basically became Trax’s biggest promoter (probably bc he not-so-secretly wants to be a member).

They’re basically SME’s oldest dysfunctional married couple. With SM staff admitting that they feel “safe” when they know that Jungmo is with Heechul, when Heechul himself says that Jungmo is the “gravity that centers him” and when Chocoball call their only non-AB bloodtype member “The one who controls Kim Heechul” (this is a pretty bid deal since Heechul is a force to be reckoned with). Heechul also admits that he lets Jungmo get away with a lot more that he would never even let other people think of (like Jungmo can boss him around alot more and touch his hair in a certain way that others MAY NOT). They bickered over twitter and cyworld, bicker in real life, Heechul throws alot of hissy fits because Jungmo refuses to be his slave, Jungmo just shakes his head and tries to protect the children from Heechul’s bullying. When everyone was sad that Heechul was enlisting, Jungmo openly made fun of him (he got beat up by Heechul, but it was all to bring the mood up a little).

During Super Junior’s “U” promotions, Heechul messed up during his live singing and was mocked for it and the trauma kinda stuck with him and he lost his passion to sing and lost interest in music, during this time Jungmo tried to support him and encouraged him to sing and work with music, telling him You are the most beautiful when you make music” (who even says that. Kill me) and through that encouragment, Heechul found himself singing again. It was during this time that they revisited their dream of being in a band together, Jungmo letting Heechul write lyrics while he provided the instruments.

In 2011 that dream got somewhat fulfilled when after a 10 minute pitch, M&D got to release their first and only single. Their group were not very promoted by SM, all promotions were basically done by Heechul, the single was only released digitally and they were so non-funded that the MV was recorded in a Noraebang with Chocoball. They only performed it once and then sadly “broke up”. Here’s a list of all their collabs. 

Sadly both of TRAX are in the army right now (with Jungmo doing public service because of his Scoliosis) so Heechul is going unsupervised for another year and we’re all terribly frightened.

If you want the last punch in the gut to this ship. Heechul is Jungmo’s hyung.

Here, have some gross marrieds:


ARTIST: Cover by Heechul, Jungmo guitar
track: Itaewon Freedom
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1/?? Favorite covers by Kim Heechul: Itaewon Freedom (ft. Jungmo guitar)

The relationship of Jungmo and Heechul - requested by: whelmish


M&D Compilation: Covers and One Original Song

Yes Most of these are pre-M&D but shush it counts to me.

I own none of these videos

Close Ur Mouth



Sorry Sorry


Don’t Say Goodbye


Itaewon Freedom



Sonata of Temptation



TRAX feat. Heechul on Paradox

Super Junior feat. TRAX on Don’t Don

If I messed up any of the links, or you have more videos that I missed please tell me!!


..remember on Chocoball’s guesting on CTP, they all agreed that Jungmo can control whatever ‘bomb’ those crazy dorks are up to (like a party-pooper slash mood-killer loljk) esp when it comes to Heechul. Everybody is getting sensitive abt Heechul’s enlistment and here goes Jungmo mocking him with a salute. But then, rmb how they all agreed that sometimes Jungmo lacks the strength to control the club president, too. So the escaping Jungmo from Heechul’s flying kick was kinda expected ^^