INFO: Tonight 37.2°C

Concert Preview
Korean Girl Group’s First Concert for Adult Only!
Brown Eyed Girls Opens ‘Tonight 37.2°C’ Concert

Brown Eyed Girls to hold their first solo concert in two years, on December 24th & 25th
‘Tonight 37.2°C’, Brown Eyed Girls’ first end-of-year solo concert in two years, will be Korea’s first performance by Girl Group, exclusively for adult audience.
The title of the concert, 37.2°C, signifies the temperature of love, the body temperature of two lovers when making love. This concert will present a breathtaking night to the audience who dream of special love on Christmas Day.

The most splendid love story … and fatal seduction begins.
Brown Eyed Girls’ four furtive love stories and secret report on their hidden desires will be revealed. 
More daring, more sexy and more intoxicating performance ever will be presented!
Korea’s best DJ will also be there with “Tonight 37.2°C’ to make a stunning club party.

Femme Fatale of the century, the most sexual performance will be uncovered!
Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘Tonight 37.2°C Concert’ will be filled with thematic conceptual performances which have not yet been tried by Korean Girl Groups. Their powerful but sexy and luxurious performances will sublimate obsceneness into art.

Company Information
Supervisor : SHOW DIRECTOR, 5HOW

novembre 3 | 7:33 | 2♥
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